Planning Commission: December 16, 2021

Open Agenda

Item 1 00:02:06

PL2021-182 (Cont. from 11/18) Kraus-Anderson Inc. 7803 Penn Avenue; 1750 and 1800 American Boulevard West (*THIS ITEM HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN BY THE APPLICANT*)

Item 2 00:02:17

PL2021-217 (public hearing) MOAC Land Holding LLC Privately initiated City Code Amendment to create a use definition for “TEMPORARY PANDEMIC OR EMERGENCY SERVICE FACILITY”, add the use as an interim use in the zoning districts throughout the City, and establish performance standards for the use

Item 3 00:26:43

PL2021-216 (public hearing) Kraus-Anderson Inc. 10520 France Avenue Conditional Use Permit for an indoor entertainment and recreation use in an existing multi-tenant shopping center

Item 4 00:47:47

City of Bloomington (study item) Planning Commission Policy and Issue Update