Planning Commission: October 28, 2021

Open Agenda

Item 1 00:01:59

PL2021-182 (cont. from 10/7) (Applicant has requested continuance to 11/18/21) (public hearing) Kraus-Anderson 7803 Penn Avenue Preliminary development plans for a partial redevelopment of the Southtown Shopping Center located at 7803 Penn Avenue South and 1750 and 1800 American Blvd. W. to accommodate a new grocery store with office, residential, and retail development as future phases; and final development plans for an approximately 133,000 square foot grocery store with site and access modifications

Item 2 00:02:46

Maxine Rossini (public hearing) 4301 Overlook Drive Type III preliminary and final plat to subdivide one single-family residential lot into two lots

Item 3 00:12:08

(public hearing) United Properties Privately initiated City Code Amendment establishing and defining "MOTOR VEHICLE SALES, HIGH DENSITY" as a land use and adding the use as a conditional use in the C-1, and C-3 zoning districts

Item 4 01:11:17

City of Bloomington (study item) Discuss Single Family and Two Family Dwelling Standards

Item 5 01:11:18

City of Bloomington (study item) Discuss Accessory Dwelling Unit Standards

Item 6 03:05:12

City of Bloomington (study item) Consider approval of draft 9/23/21 Planning Commission meeting synopsis

Item 7 03:06:42

City of Bloomington (study item) Planning Commission Policy and Issue Update