Planning Commission: October 14, 2021

Open Agenda

Item 1 00:02:46

PL2021-191 Kraus-Anderson Inc. (public hearing) 9728 Lyndale Avenue South Rezone 9728 Lyndale Avenue South from B-4 to B-4(PD) to apply the planned development (PD) overlay zoning district; preliminary development plan for a multi-phased redevelopment of the Clover Shopping Center; and final development plan for a partial redevelopment of the Clover Shopping Center and to construct an approximately 24,000 square foot grocery store with site modifications

Item 2 01:22:06

PL2021-192 United Properties (public hearing) Privately initiated City Code Amendment establishing and defining "MOTOR VEHICLE SALES, HIGH DENSITY" as a land use and adding the use as a conditional use in the C-1, C-2 and C-3 zoning districts

Item 3 01:23:17

PL2021-193 Nine Mile Brewing Company and MSP Southtech Investment LLC (public hearing) 9555 James Avenue South Change of Condition in Case PL2021-109 for a required sidewalk connection serving a taproom and restaurant located within an existing multi-tenant office/warehouse building

Item 4 02:38:36

City of Bloomington (study item) Planning Commission Policy and Issue Update